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What to look for when buying a raised airbed

As you are looking for the best raised airbed, be sure to take a look at several different manufacturers. There are several companies that offer raised air beds which include: Coleman, AeroBed, Insta-Bed and Intex. Review the specific features offered by each brand so that you find the raised air bed that best suits you.

Before you start shopping around to find the best raised airbed deals, make sure you are aware of the difference between a raised air bed and a simple air mattress. A raised airbed feels much more like a real bed because it is raised off the floor similar to a traditional sleeping mattress and is typically much larger than a regular air mattress. They also tend be sturdier and include plush sleeping surfaces to offer the best comfort for a good night’s rest.

There are also many options that can make or break a good raised airbed. Look for a raised air bed that has the ability to inflate and deflate quickly and easily. You don’t want to be stuck with the chore of having to blow up your mattress manually. Fortunately, many of the raised air beds on the market come fully equipped with electric or battery operated air mattress pumps that make inflating your raised air bed a breeze.

One final thing to pay attention to when shopping for your raised air bed is the size of the mattress. Raised air beds, like regular mattresses, come in a variety of different sizes from full to queen to even king size raised air beds. Decide on how much room you have available to help guide you in choosing the appropriate size of your raised air bed.

Regardless of which raised air bed you choose, these large but portable air mattresses are useful for anyone needing a comfortable sleeping solution whether it is for camping, saving money on a hotel stay, or simply housing close friends or relatives. With all of the numerous options available on the market, read our raised air bed reviews below on three of the most popular models right now.

Intex Raised Downy Queen Air Bed With Built-In Electric Pump

intex_raised_downyThe Intex Downy raised air bed is an inflatable queen size bed that measures a full 60 X 80 inches and rises a total of 22 inches off of the floor. The airbed is constructed with dual chambers and has 15 gauge vinyl beams on top and includes 16 gauge on the sides and bottom. Designed with reliability and comfort in mind, this Intex raised air bed combines the convenience of a portable air mattress with the relaxing comfort of sleeping at a raised level.

This raised air bed is very sturdy using the lower chamber as a box spring which provides excellent firmness and back support. The upper chamber is designed to function as the mattress. You will love its plush waterproof flocking which covers the entire top of the mattress and it even has side indentations to help grip your fitted sheets. This Intex raised air bed can hold up to 600 pounds when it is in use.

Inflating and deflating this raised air bed couldn’t be easier or faster when you use the high powered built-in A/C 120 volt electric pump. With the touch of a switch, you can easily inflate or deflate both air chambers. You can also adjust the firmness to any level you desire to give you the most comfortable sleeping experience. You can inflate both chambers in less than 5 minutes and have your raised air bed ready to go.

Once you are ready to put your raised air bed away, you can completely deflate it for easy travel or storage. It even includes a handy duffel bag and shoulder strap if you need to take your raised air bed on the go.

Insta-Bed Queen Raised Air Bed Sure Grip Bottom With Built-In Pump

insta-bed_queen_raisedA raised air bed like the Insta-Bed almost makes you forget that it is an airbed. This luxurious queen sized raised air bed has the exact same height as your regular mattress at home. You and your guests will love the flocked top which helps keep your bedding in place and the flex coil construction which makes it easy to sleep in firm stable positions.

When fully inflated, this highly functional raised air bed measures 60 by 80 inches and rises a full 22 inches off the floor. The integrated Dual-Zone 120 volt A/C electric pump can inflate the entire air mattress in only 90 seconds. The unique design of its underside actually grips the floor to keep your comfortable raised air bed from sliding around when you are sleeping.

Many people have found that this raised air bed seems to retain its air much longer than other airbeds and they really enjoy how fast you can deflate it. Once you are done using your raised air bed, it can be deflated and stored conveniently in the nylon carrying bag with shoulder straps. A one year warranty is also included on this model.

Coleman Double-High Wrap ‘N’ Roll Quickbed, Queen

coleman_quickbed_queenA tall queen size raised air bed, the Coleman Quickbed is an inflatable airbed that can be used for unexpected guests, camping trips, or even college dorms. This comfortable raised air bed features Coleman’s ComfortSmart coil system which conforms to your body’s specific sleeping positions. The soft suede top provides luxurious comfort and will allow you to get a great night’s sleep.

This raised air bed is not only comfortable, but it is very easy to inflate and deflate with the Coleman 120 volt electric QuickPump (sold separately). You can have your raised air bed completed inflated and ready for sleeping in less than 3 minutes with the QuickPump. Once inflated, the complete airbed measures 60 X 78 inches and rises 18 inches from the floor. It also features Coleman’s Airtight System which has a double lock valve to protect your airbed from leakage.

This sturdy raised air bed has an exclusive PVC formula that is 15 percent more resistant to punctures and can withstand up to 600 pounds of pressure when in use. When you are ready to store your raised air bed, just use Coleman’s exclusive Wrap N Roll storage system. With this system, you simple roll the airbed up into the attached bag, tie it up, and you’re ready to go.

Best raised airbed buying guide
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