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Queen Air Mattress Review: Coleman Queen Double-High Wrap ‘N’ Roll Quickbed Review

The Coleman brand is widely know for its’ high quality outdoor products. The Coleman Queen Double-High Wrap ‘N’ Roll Quickbed is no exception. A great combination of comfort and durability make this airbed a great choice for indoor or outdoor use. With its strong PVC construction, elevated sleep surface, and quick / easy setup and storage, this inflatable mattress is a best in class product for an ultra low price.

  • Best-in-class puncture-resistant PVC.
  • Double-high elevation makes the airbed as tall as a regular mattress.
  • Advanced Double Lock Valve locks in air two ways; Coleman Airtight System guarantees a leak-free inflatable.
  • Wrap -InchN-Inch Roll system for hassle-free storage.
  • Inflated size: 78 x 60 x 18-Inch – Inflates in less than three minutes with 120V electric QuickPump unit (sold separately)

Does This Airbed Hold Air Well, Without Continual Leaking?

This Coleman air mattress is equipped with their patented Double Lock Valve System. The system is designed to lock in air while inflating and keep the bed firm while you rest. This air tight system, along with the strength of its’ vinyl construction make for a very comfortable nights sleep. You may have to top the air off a little after several days of inflated use, but it holds firm very well as compared to other airbeds.

Unlike many of its’ elevated air bed counterparts, this bed does not include a built-in electric pump, which makes it ideal for use in camping situations where no electric power is available. Through the use of a strong powered, quick inflating pump like the Coleman Rechargeable QuickPump, you’ll have this airbed pumped up and ready for use in no time.

What Features Make This Airbed Stand Out Versus The Competition?

There are three qualities that make this air mattress a great buy. First is the low price for the value you get. With the feature set of this airbed, you are not going to find many others that can come come close to the price of this bed. Comparable airbeds can cost as much as $100 without any added benefits.

Next is the height of the airbed. You’ll find that many of the elevated airbeds have built-in electric pumps, requiring electric power to enjoy the additional height and comfort of the bed. This limits your options if you want to use the airbed for camping trips, making the Coleman air bed more versatile.

Lastly, setup and storage of this airbed is a snap. The air tight locking system and the wrap and roll storage feature gets you setup or ready to move quick and easily.

Coleman Queen Double-High Wrap ‘N’ Roll Quickbed Customer Reviews

Here’s a sampling of how actual buyers rated this queen air mattress:

Quick, Comfortable, Compact for Storage

We bought one of these to sleep on temporarily when we moved and had to wait a couple of weeks for our stuff to arrive. It was very comfortable. The AC powered Coleman Pump (sold separately) fills it in minutes. The non-slip velvet-like top keeps the sheets from working loose. When guests come to stay, they prefer this queen sized airbed to the queen sized sleeper sofa that cost hundreds more for the sleeper option.

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The Final Word…

A great air mattress for camping or an inexpensive guest bed alternative. That is pretty much how this bed can be explained. At a more affordable price point than many other “tall” air mattresses, this bed gives you the flexibility to take it where ever you want, since you are not tied to the inconvenience of needing an electric outlet. Finally, the Coleman brand is known worldwide for their high quality camping products. Why choose any other brand? You can check out right now, where the price for this air mattress is as low as you’ll find it and it SHIPS FOR FREE! Get the discounted price now and enjoy the savings!

Queen Air Mattress Review: Coleman Queen Double-High Wrap ‘N’ Roll Quickbed Review
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