Queen Air Mattress Review: Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed with Built-In Electric Pump

intex_raised_downyWith a whopping 6500+ consumer reviews on Amazon and a very high 4 out of 5 star average rating, the Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed with Built-In Electric Pump is one of the most popular and affordable queen sized air mattresses around.

  • Raised (22 inches high) Mattress
  • Built-In electric pump
  • Strong Vinyl Construction
  • 600lbs weight capacity
  • Easy Dial Inflate/Defalte
  • Duffle bag with shoulder strap

Elevated for comfort and convenience, and rivaling the features of many high priced air beds, this Intex air mattress beats them all hands down on comfort and durability for the price. With its built-in electric pump and amazing height (22 inches from the floor), its obvious why the customer reviews have been so favorable. Customers have used this air mattress as permanent beds, guest beds and even during camping outings, and enjoyed all the comfort and convenience this quality queen air mattress has to offer.

With Such A Low Price, Is This Airbed Really Big Enough And Strong Enough To Last?

61j-tpb2EVL._SL1000_The height of an air mattress has become the focal point of many people’s search for the perfect air bed. Many people have physical conditions like knee and back problems, which prevent them from bending over onto air mattresses that are lower to the ground. The Intex Raised Downy stands 22 inches from the ground. This feature makes it effortless to get in our out of the bed. In total, this is a true queen size air mattress, with a height of 22 inches, a width of 60 inches, and a length of 80 inches. These dimensions allow a perfect fit for queen size bedding.

As far as strength and construction is concerned, this Intex queen air bed has a dual air chamber construction, with double layered I-beams to provide extra firmness and support while sleeping. These air chambers function in the same manner as a traditional mattress and box spring, with the upper chamber functioning as the mattress and the lower chamber as the box spring. In fact, the mattress comes with a 600 pound weight limit and is constructed from 15 gauge vinyl beams on the top and 16 gauge beams on the sides and bottom for sturdiness and strength. The vinyl is easily cleaned with a simple soap and water solution.

The top of the air mattress is covered with a quality tested, waterproof rayon-flocked material. This material provides a plush comfort not found in other air beds that use a vinyl top surface. Finally, there are indentations on the sides of the bed to help grip fitted queen sheets. Not many air mattresses provide this feature!

The Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed comes complete with a duffel bag with shoulder strap for ease of storage and for use on the go.

How Fast And Easily Does This Inflatable Mattress REALLY Inflate And Deflate?

The high powered built-in 120V AC electric air pump, which is recessed into the air mattress, provides the means to easily inflate and deflate the mattress within 5 minutes. The controls are located at the head of the bed. There is a storage area to place the electric cord once you are done inflating the mattress. The customer reviews clearly state how easy it is to activate this self-inflating air mattress. A simple turn of the dial clockwise to inflate, or counter-clockwise to deflate, actives the built-in motor pump. Now you don’t have to worry about misplacing the pump, or lugging it out every time you need to add a little air to top off the air mattress for firmness.

How Reputable is Intex And Their Products?

The Intex Corporation has been widely known and respected in the production of indoor and outdoor inflatable recreational devices for more than 40 years. They make everything from airbeds to inflatable toys, pools and lake boats! They know how to make some of the best constructed air filled devices available. Specifically for airbeds, they have models in all sizes (twin, full, queen, king) and with all kinds of features (raised, headboards, framed, builit-in pumps, etc.). Intex knows inflatable devices, especially air mattresses!

Intex Raised Downy Customer Reviews

Here’s a sampling of how actual buyers rated this queen air mattress:

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Exceeded my expectations

I bought this air mattress to accommodate two of our friends who were visiting for a week. We were afraid only one mattress for two big guys was not going to be spacious enough, but fortunately, it is bigger and higher than I expected so they slept comfortably on it without any complaints.

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The pump being in the mattress makes this item so convenient, quick, and easy! My dogs and siblings have jumped on and off this bed after the original use and its still up and...

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Deluxe comfort, versatile, durable, reliable!

As a Vacation Rental owner I need additional beds to accommodate large groups. Having a leaky air mattress deflate on a guest would be a nightmare for me. Having all ages of guests it is important that the mattresses be double high or 22

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The Final Word…

Quality, low price and comfort. That sums it up pretty simply for this air bed. You can spend hundreds of dollars on other air mattresses, but what are you gaining? They may have some of the same features, but in general, the cost and reputation of Intex air mattresses can’t be matched. The quality construction, built-in quick inflating pump, and the raised height make this queen Intex air bed a wise investment. Check out Amazon.com right now, where the price for this air mattress is rock bottom!

Queen Air Mattress Review: Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed with Built-In Electric Pump
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